Lottery Winners

If you just won the lottery…congratulations!  Winning the lottery can be all at once wonderful, life changing and quite frankly,  scary as all heck!  We have all heard the stories about people “blowing their winnings” and ending up in worse condition after the winnings are gone than they were before the winning event itself.

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Just like many of the other groups ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™ works with, lottery winners like you need a customized blue print that illustrates and systematically plans the short, mid, and long term needs for you and your family.


Planning the future for you, your family or maybe even your entire group of lottery winning friends from work takes a systematic approach, like the ELANA Elite Level 5 Planning™ Process, to properly piece together all the aspects that have to be considered going forward.

Gathering relevant information about your current (pre-lottery winning) financial situation as well as your needs, wants, hopes and desires is the first step.  Considering legal ramifications and tax considerations of winning the lottery is the next step.  After completing the first two steps, it is important to lay out a game plan or what we call, a Lottery Design Blueprint, to illustrate the plan, it’s many implications and overall allocation aspects.  They say a picture can paint a thousand words…the ELANA Lottery Design Blueprint paints that picture for our lottery winning clients like you.  Once approved by you, your uniquely customized design blueprint is carefully and seamlessly brought to life by introducing the various products and services needed to properly implement the various allocation strategies.  The advisor team will continue working with you into the future to help ensure that your plan stays on track.

ELANA can provide the investment advice and long-term planning to help ensure that your lottery winnings are invested to last as long as you intend them to last.  A large part of that is sound counseling and education, but an even greater portion is managing expectations. ELANA can help winners invest their fortunes in a manner that assures sustainable wealth in a scenario that can otherwise seem overwhelming.

Rely on your local ELANA Financial & Settlement Architect™ to work with you to create a great plan for the good fortune bestowed on you by winning the lottery!

See how the Elite 5-Level Planning Process™ can benefit you.

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