Referring Attorneys

When an attorney earns their client a large personal injury settlement or large divorce settlement, often that client is left with the daunting task of managing a lump sum for all of their expenses and future needs. Many times lawyers will refer their clients to ELANA. Our case planners can provide those recipients with the case design solutions that will make that settlement last for as long as it is intended to last. These achievements enrich the quality of the injured parties, but they also lead to the Settlement Architect’s sense of accomplishment.

Referring Attorneys

Attorneys need witnesses to testify to the veracity of an injury or divorce settlement value. If they need an independent expert, they turn to ELANA.  Our unique fee-based litigation support and case design is an integral part to our 5 Level Planning™ process. We’ve built a reputation in the industry as informed and educated professional advisors. Part of that education is evaluating economists’ reports and matching case studies to come up with a value for a settlement range that matches existing case law. For our Settlement Architects that education begins with a thorough Training period, then continues as they build their practice. We train all of our experts to recognize opportunities, and our shared intellectual capital allows them to grow their business naturally, in their client’s best interests.

ELANA helps with business planning, succession planning and partnership agreements. Helping with both firm and family issues, ELANA strives to be the premier attorney-focused planning group in the country. ELANA Settlement Architects work together to leverage the vast knowledge base toward a more thoughtful, long-term solutions for our clients.

Often lawyers are so caught up in managing their client’s cases that their own finances and their firm’s performance go unattended.  They turn to ELANA’s Financial and Settlement Architects to manage their multi-facited planning and asset management needs.


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