ELANA Elite Level 5 Planning

Welcome to the backbone of our planning success…..the ELANA Elite Level 5 Planning™ process!  The process itself is all at once complex since it took over 20 years of dedicated work and fine tuning to develop, yet simple since it makes so much sense and is quite easy to understand.  It has become the industry standard for clean, well thought out dynamic comprehensive settlement planning.  All ELANA Settlement Architects™ follow this path to support our client’s needs in each case where we are engaged.

So, what exactly is ELANA Elite Level 5 Planning™? It is our proprietary planning method that takes a step by step approach to piecing together a settlement plan that begins with extensive Evaluation fact finding (level #1) and works it’s way to help ensure that the settlement plan stays on track far into the future in (Level #5) through our Extended Monitoring and guidance.  In between, we provide value added Litigation support services (level #2) to our referring attorneys by assisting them with their case preparation, Medicare compliance concerns and negotiation efforts. Next we create a customized needs-based comprehensive Individual Settlement Design or what we call “the settlement design blue print” (level #3), and then, through our client focused concierge service we bring the plan to life with all the products, services and professional affiliations necessary to do so (level #4).

ELANA Elite Level 5 Planning™ is the process we take to create the ultimate e-life-Life results for our clients.

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