Level 2: Litigation Support Services

The second level of ELANA’s 5-Level Planning™ Process is Litigation Support. Litigation Support services include any service or product that assists our referring attorney’s ability to gain an edge.Through Litigation Support,ELANA offers better insight during case preparation, leverage in negotiations, and expertise in contested values or worth. A sampling of ELANA brand of litigation support services includes: Case valuations, breakdown of economic and life care reports, testimony at trial, and venue-specific analysis.
Litigation Support
In this phase of the process, our Financial and Settlement Architects work directly with the attorneys to assist with support services such as case valuation, public benefit program compliance (as it relates to Medicare and Medicaid issues) and consultation for the mediation process. Ultimately, we support legal counsel in their efforts to provide the best representation and care for their clients through our early involvement in the case.

Formulating value and design considerations of a settlement allows the injured or divorcing party to plan the otherwise overwhelming task of trying to understand what their settlement might mean in terms of lifetime value.

Litigation Support allows injured parties to move forward with the confidence that their objective of financial security is attended pragmatically during the crucial litigation proceedings and sets the stage for the INDIVDUAL CASE DESIGN phase.

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