Level 3: Individual Case Design

Individual Case Design produces the blueprint of the client’s settlement strategy. By employing an architectural vantage point over the settlement’s lifetime value,  ELANA’s clients enjoy the comfort and stability that someone is looking out for their interests from the beginning of their benefit planning.

Without proper preparation, far too often recipients of civil action settlements for personal injury or divorce end up over-extending their financial bounds and are faced with the unpleasant reality that they did not manage their resources wisely.  ELANA’s professional charge is to earn their management fee every day by providing the support necessary so that these kinds of adverse outcomes are never realized, and that benefits are available when they are needed.

Our recommendations are rooted in data, assuring there are no false assumptions.  ELANA’s Individual Case Design produces a flowchart that separates “needs” from “wants” and prioritizes them accordingly. Our Financial and Settlement Architects provide intimate consultations about what has and hasn’t worked for beneficiaries in the past.  From this, our case designers are able to provide sound, evidence-based recommendations for lifetime financial and settlement planning.

ELANA offers defensible solutions that are performed as expertise driven consultations, not sales pitches. Our Settlement Protection Service is a client favorite. Attorneys benefit from the critical liability protection features that ELANA provides by standing behind our Individual Case Designs. This service looks at settlement design solutions across the broad spectrum of all types of market performance and makes projections about what recipients will need during any eventuality.

What makes your case unique? Let one of our Financial and Settlement Architects™demonstrate why ELANA INDIVIDUAL CASE DESIGN makes sense for you.

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