Level 4: Thorough Implementation

A decision point of how to bring the case design to life is reached in this, the fourth stage of the Level-5 Planning™ process. The customer either chooses to move forward with ELANA’s customized case design implementation, turn to a different financial advisor, or risk the future of their settlement income by doing nothing at all. Because ELANA has specific knowledge of the customer’s situation, our case designers and Settlement Architects™ are uniquely positioned to meet the objectives set forth in the first three levels of our comprehensive settlement design planning. By choosing to implement through ELANA, clients achieve a tactical advantage through seamless integration honed to achieve our shared goals.

Moving forward with a trusted advisor relationship through ELANA, a separate agreement is reached where our Settlement Architects™ bring forward recommendations on appropriate products and services under a more traditional financial planning agreement. This is the first time in the process where specific product and service recommendations are discussed. By leveraging the deep, meaningful relationship between client and advisor,  ELANA accepts the challenge of sharing in our client’s successes. To be sure, during the Implementation phase our combined interests are aligned toward lifelong value creation.

By this point, ELANA has already established well-conceived solutions rooted in fact-based research, where other outside financial advisors may simply be motivated to move their flavor-of-the-month products for immediate gain. With ELANA, both client and advisor are prepared for scenarios that other service providers have not even considered. This diligence prepares both advisor and client to meet case-specific contingencies. The result is the execution of a plan custom tailored to benefit our customer’s lasting wealth and stability.

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