Level 5: Extended Monitoring

While in ELANA’s trusted care, clients can move toward closure, providing the relief that their assets and overall plan progress are being watched over with care.  In effect, ELANA’s valuable consultation means a team of dedicated professionals is always in their corner, presenting the best solutions for individual case needs and keeping the plan on track. Our continued diligence in monitoring sound recommendations is how our clients realize the full benefits of our expertise after a settlement is reached.

Having a dedicated team of advisors helping you work through the bumps in the road offers assurance. There’s much to be said about a group of advisors that are willing to follow through with their plans as well as make adjustments on the fly when circumstances throw a curve. Having considered and anticipated scenarios in advance, ELANA helps our clients face the uncertainties of the future with confidence. When results deviate from the established course, ELANA is there to put the plan of action back on track. In the end, our clients can move forward knowing their best interests are looked after using the road map we collaborated on together.

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