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eliteThis is our ELANA Lifestyle Plan, also known as the ELANA e-life-Life.

ELANA Consultants work closely with clients to define their personal level of success in each of our five key success standards so together, as client and advisor, we are always working towards the same goals together.

For our personal injury or divorcing clients for instance, it all comes down to how their life will look and proceed after their case is concluded.  No matter how big or how small their settlement is in dollars, it is just a number until it brings value in the form of benefits and protection for the client and their loved ones.

At ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™, we know that our responsibility to help our clients create and plan for their life after settlement is ultimately how we will be judged.  One of the concepts we talk to our clients about is “where settlement meets life.”  Well, this is where it all happens…..by working closely, very closely, with our clients, we help them first define their version of what their Lifestyle after settlement would look like and then we create the plan that will best meet those needs and wants.  This is not a fantasy lifestyle…..we have to work within the physical, emotional, and financial limitations that may be unavoidable in our client’s lives.  That being said, there is no better group of consultants to create an atmosphere of teamwork, cooperation, knowledge and honest desire to see our clients succeed in their life after settlement than the ELANA Planning Group!

There are five areas where we help our clients find clarity and direction in their life after settlement.  They define how our clients will survive and thrive in their personal life after settlement. (Emotional security), (Long Term Protection) and the ability to develop (Independent Lifestyles) to the greatest extent possible must be coordinated in a (Full Solution package) that empowers our clients to live (Every Day with Dignity).

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