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The fourth goal standard of the E-LIFE® system is the assurance that their ELANA representative serves as the single point of contact for all concerns that a beneficiary might have. A Full Solution assures that all the pieces of the settlement package – the design, building, and management of that settlement ­– are handled responsibly and intact with a single, cohesive plan where all the moving parts work well together. Knowing that any one factor can affect the rest of the equation, ELANA is there to manage the transition periods that inevitably arise.

Instead of dealing with issues piecemeal, A Full Solution helps ensure that all aspects of balancing a settlement against any other extraordinary factors can be properly addressed.  Every part of the plan and the built-in contingencies are accounted for. If a customer has a question or a concern, they know immediately that they can turn to their team at ELANA. Our architects keep track of all aspects and challenging developments in a settlement case. Because we’re available to manage any changes in a client’s circumstances, we like to think this Full Solution leads to a place where our clients can live EVERY DAY WITH DIGNITY.

ELANA’s professionals know that full recovery won’t be achieved until asense of normalcy is returned to their life. FIND OUT how serious results from an E-LIFE® Full Solution provides our clients an opportunity to move forward.

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