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Click our logo to refer a case
Click our logo to refer a case

As expert financial and settlement advisors in several very specialized niche’ markets, ELANA Settlement Architects™ receive many client referrals from other professional advisors. Our expert planning, systematic approach to creating solutions for our clients, and reputation for adding value to any case we work on creates many valid reasons for professionals to recommend us without hesitation.

We receive referrals from Attorneys, Accountants, other Financial Advisors, Trust Officers, Real Estate Brokers, Asset Managers, Estate Planners, Investment Bankers and Sports Agents to name a few. Once referred into a case, we create a safe, secure and highly encrypted environment inside of our ELANA Elevate Case Management System for the privacy protection of everybody working on the case.

We value and appreciate each and every one of our professional referral affiliation relationships. ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™ and every individual ELANA Settlement Architect™ is committed to adding value for other professionals, clients and families as we help design, build and manage solutions together.

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