Accountants consistently rely on ELANA for our expert opinions in complicated cases that involve large settlement issues and concerns.   They refer their clients to us as a value added service because they know ELANA is committed to maximizing results and preserving tax benefits for their clients.

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Often Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) focus on particular aspects of accounting and simply don’t have the time or resources to handle the financial planning and investment side of the business. In these cases, our Financial and Settlement Architects™ are the go-to source for this type of expertise. ELANA FSA welcomes referrals from the accounting community. We love the camaraderie between our two professions and understand how dynamic a combination it can be for the financial enhancement of the client’s unique needs.

CPAs rely on us to provide our unique variety of settlement case design for clients. ELANA is there to help ensure that their best interests are looked after. This leads to repeat business from a dedicated base of CPAs we’re proud to serve.  Accountants represent one of our most loyal sources of client referrals, and we’re happy to return the favor for the benefit of our shared clientele.

Are you an accountant looking for an industry-leading firm to handle your customer’s financial planning? Can you benefit from our valued relationships with referrals looking for a CPA?  Look to one of ELANA’s Financial and Settlement Architects™ to find the common ground where our fiduciary responsibilities meet.

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