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Asset Managers often seek out assistance from ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects on those occasions when their clients need specially crafted solutions in areas where we specialize. This is especially true in cases of debilitating injury and high-end divorces where significant wealth is at stake. Traumatic events such as car accidents, work-related injuries and the dissolution of a marriage are enough to deal with in and of themselves, so it’s our commitment to see that the settlements are in safe harbor.  This is what we refer to as the E-LIFE™ Advantage.

When so much value weighs in the balance, ELANA’s Financial and Settlement Architects™ are trained to find opportunities to make parties more secure. Clients need to know that their assets are looked after in the immediate future as well as in the long run. By aligning our own performance with that of the Asset Manager, we can ensure a lasting relationship.

Would you like to know how ELANA’s Elite Level 5+ Planning™ Process can generate the biggest advantages for your clients’ unique planning challenges? We do our very best to enhance the Asset Manager’s reputation in the eyes of their clients through the expert planning, products and services that we provide.

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