Click our logo to refer a case
Click our logo to refer a case

Attorneys represent some of our most dedicated repeat customers, and referrals are always welcome. Our reliability has allowed us to establish long-lasting relationships with some of the most reputable law firms in the country.

One reason top attorneys turn to ELANA is our work ethic: We support their efforts so closely day-in and day-out that they are willing to hitch their professional reputation to our own stellar record. Another reason attorneys turn to us is the proven results of our ELANA Elite Level 5 Planning™ process.

ELANA’s Financial and Settlement Architects ™ provide attorneys with:

  • Litigation case support
  • Case design
  • Client suitability compliance protection for their law firms
  • Settlement design
  • Thorough settlement implementation
  • Ongoing client care and support

Personal injury attorneys familiar with our casework count on us to provide support for litigation and help understanding what matching settlement solutions to damages can mean to the injured party over the long term. Attorneys know they can rely on ELANA for our sound knowledge base of case history. When a client is catastrophically injured, their personal injury attorneys can be sure that their best interests are at heart when they turn to us, and ELANA is consistently there to help put the pieces back together. We also help with the daunting task of planning for long-term disability and working with public assistance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid compliance .


Divorce attorneys depend on ELANA to help reach settlements in oftentimes contentious cases where a great deal is at stake. We have unique access to product choices and special skill sets that allow us to generate a higher level of creativity and important “closure” steps that help disputing spouses settle their differences and move on in their respective lives with dignity and peace of mind. When large marital assets are intertwined and families are split apart, keen legal minds seek out the experience of ELANA’s Financial and Settlement Architects™ to draw up solutions that are consistent with established precedent.

Estate Attorneys invite us into their cases to help design, build and manage estate plans for their most valued clients.  . So when clients look ahead to end-of-life planning and when families are forced to deal with an unfortunate loss, ELANA’s industry-wide reputation helps steer these lawyers to our doorstep. Our dedication to lasting solutions leads Attorneys to call on ELANA time and again, and everyone profits from this experience.

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