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In our experience, we’ve found that Financial Advisors work well together, and the best possible outcomes arise when we stick to what we know best. For this reason, our fellow finance professionals often rely on ELANA’s Financial and Settlement Architects™ when they need support for the specific type of personal injury and high-end divorce settlements that we’re known for.

We always respect other Financial Advisors’ relationships with their clients, and we’ve earned their trust through our time-honored commitment to success.  The reciprocal bond of our combined expertise is evident in the results, as Financial Advisors return time and again for our uniquely geared services.

Our Level 5+ Planning™ Process resonates with other investment professionals. As we’re brought in to collaborate on difficult case design and management problems, our combined efforts lead to more thoughtful planning. Creative solutions gain traction, and that momentum helps our clients achieve more satisfactory results.

Has a client experienced an especially challenging divorce, or are they due a substantial personal injury settlement? Have you weighed the benefits of the consulting services of a specialized service provider? Consider working with ELANA so that we can collaborate on your client’s particular case. Together we can assist in reaching creative solutions.   These synergies with fellow financial professionals render ELANA’s brand of settlement planning ahead of the curve.

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