Investment Bankers

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Investment Bankers are among the most highly compensated professionals in the financial services industry, subjecting them to their own brand of challenging personal tax and deferred income considerations. Because they often work on contingency fees, ELANA’s Contingency Fee Optimization (CFO) services are especially popular with our Investment Banker clients.

Investment Bankers, like personal injury attorneys, are oftentimes paid fees through a contingency arrangement with their clients.  Therefore, like personal injury attorneys, there are some very exciting planning opportunities waiting for Investment Bankers when it comes to planning for those fees.  ELANA Financial and Settlement Architects™ has a number of tax-advantaged planning approaches inside of our Contingency Free Optimization (CFO) planning model that are all at once innovative, tax-efficient, flexible and yes, considered quite exciting! 

Contact your ELANA Financial and Settlement Architect™ to see how the ELANA Contingency Fee Optimization program can help reduce tax exposure while maximizing future income benefits.

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