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Real Estate Brokers refer their customers to ELANA for consultation and support during and after sizable commercial, land, and residential deals. As these transactions involve large sums of money and lead to substantial transfers of wealth, it helps to know that special considerations are available.

ELANA sees many interesting Real Estate related cases.  There are the traditional case referrals from brokers seeking guidance and advice for clients who have recently sold a valuable piece of property and need sound financial help with the sales proceeds to plan for income, education, estate, or charitable purposes etc.  More and more we are receiving case referrals from brokers who have clients buying or selling businesses or property that has been owned by the same owner(s) for many years.  Most of the time, those sales create a high amount of long term capital gains payable at the time of the sale…..unless the sale is arranged using a specially designed ELANA installment sale process. 

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The ELANA Installment Sale process can create purchase price advantages for the buyer and long term sales proceeds for the seller… the same case!  Our ability to establish a method for buyers and sellers to execute installment sales without the risks of personal guarantees is very special in the marketplace.    If you are a Realtor and would like more information about the ELANA Installment Sale process, please let us know, we will be happy to exchange information about how we help our valued Realtors and their clients!

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