Our Pledge To You:

We Will Design, Build and Manage Your Financial or Settlement Plan to Do What It is Intended To Do For As Long As It Is Intended to Do It!

Clients, referring professionals, and ELANA Settlement Architects share one common goal when it comes to sound settlement consulting concerns…..Get it right!

Everybody benefits when high-level solutions to complex challenges are designed, presented and monitored long term into the future. ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects™ is an enlightened group of comprehensive Settlement Architects dedicated to our clients, their loved ones and all the good that we bring to those that need excellent solutions at the most critical points in their lives…..and beyond!

Our reputation is built on a comprehensive settlement planning model without bias or conflict when it comes to the products or services we ultimately recommend to bring the plan to life.  By embracing the Fiduciary responsibilities that we owe to you, ELANA Financial & Settlement Architects seek high-impact solutions, never compromised by the potential shortcomings of our competitor’s more limited business models or capabilities.

Please continue your journey throughout our website to see how we have dedicated ourselves personally and our company as a whole to the groups that we serve…injured clients,  professionals that refer clients, to us for high-level assistance, divorcing families, lottery winners and to our fantastic “like minded” current and future members of the ELANA Planning team.